Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Poem] Different Stanzas of Love

Poem #132
written on 18.11.2008

Tuck me under your arms, don’t let go
Let me feel the love you want to show
Let me sleep in your tenderness and care
Let me believe that you’ll always be there

I want to live close to you
And drown in the dreams you give me
I want to die listening to you
You’re the one who sets my soul free

Let me breathe the love you give
Without it, I know I won’t live
Let me live in a dream with you
Where every miracle comes true

Live inside my heart, don’t come out
Your love, I can’t live without
The dream of being with you
Gives me power to see life through

The warm feeling of you being close
Makes me feel like I’m flying
I want to take care of you like a rose
Coz you’re the one who keeps me smiling

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