Sunday, November 2, 2008

[Poem] And That's Why I Write..

I was asked about one of the pieces I wrote "Why do you write this?" ..I didn't have a clear reply, and I wanted to say more.. On the next day, when I was at university, I was inspired to write about this issue, and I came up with this poem..

So, it's dedicated to the one who asked me this Q ;) :)

And That's Why I Write..
Written on 2.11.08

When I want to write
I just can't fight!

It's a need and an obligation
An enjoyment, a dedication...
A loving feeling, a frustration…
It's letting go of an emotion
It's a commitment, a devotion
For your thoughts and notions
When you're full of inspirations,
Beautiful dreams and revelations…
In your words, you fly…
Your mind soars up high…

But I can never really say,
Why I write this way.
I can't know how, what or when…
I can't decide to write now or then
Or force myself to do so
Coz words just come and flow
It's hard to prevent and keep me
From doing it, coz it's my glee
If I want to write, I will
And nothing can hold me still
And when something inspires my mind
Words become easy to find

So, follow your inspirations all the time
It is never a waste of time
Writing is more superior, artistic
Somehow divine and majestic
It's what makes me proud
More than anything in me I've found
It's what makes all things right
And that's simply why I write…


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Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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