Friday, May 5, 2017

Aaaand the Winner of the 3-Minute Thesis Competition is...

On 23rd of March 2017, I took part in the first ever 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition held at Royal Holloway, for PhD students across different disciplines. We were a total of 7 PhD students, competing to explain our thesis in only three minutes to general audience, using one slide of powerpoint. Aaaand the Winner of the 3-Minute Thesis Competition is... ME!

Being as competitive as I have always been, I like competitions, A LOT! And now since I’m doing my PhD, I like academic competitions because they look nice on my portfolio, help me network, boost my self-confidence, and bring me some extra money as well :) Sometimes the money comes as a first motivator, but it’s fair (because we’re students!), isn’t it? :) 

This competition was first developed by the University of Queensland in Australia. It helps students unwrap their complex and specialist research into simple, yet not trivial, ideas that anyone can understand.

The 6 other colleagues who competed were all so competitive. I guess I was lucky that I won the first place among such a smart group of PhD researchers who were really doing amazing work. 

For me, it helped me make sure that a wider community, beyond academia, have the ability to understand and appreciate my research. I think this competition was a much needed boost of confidence to my PhD, which sometimes become a very tiring project, just like all the other PhDs in the world! Haha.. 

This photo is with the judging panel and Claire, from the Department of History, who won the second place.

This photo is with the judging panel and all of the students who competed in the competition. 

Photos are from RHUL’s students intranet website. 

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