Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Poem] The Flower Bouquet

The Flower Bouquet

Poem #154

Written 7.4.2009


I’ve had the urge to write poetry for a couple of days, and this urge has accumulated :) and suddenly I sat down and without any idea about how this poem will shape, I wrote the title, and began writing, with tears urging to come down at some parts, especially when Annie’s song played in my headphones, followed by the second piece of "winter" from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons…

I spent around an hour and a half, and I have an exam the next day! But I don’t care.. I produced a piece I have enjoyed writing thoroughly… a piece that I know I will be proud of till I die! I believe it’s the longest I’ve written so far, and I like all the emotions and feelings in it… every single line in this poem has a huge meaning for me, and a deep feeling… I will write analysis about this poem soon, about how it is connected this way, just as soon as I’m done with listening to all the feedback which I am expecting! And I want huge feedback please, I wish that everyone would tell me what he/she thinks! I really really need to know what you all think, and how you understand and see the poem.. coz I may have a vision that wasn’t transferred in the right way to you…

And now, what I can say is: I hope you’ll like it!

This poem is not based on a true story…


I woke up today and I was full of cheer

I felt vibrant, like all my dreams are here

And when I heard the bell ring, I thought

The newspapers must have been brought

But when I opened the door, I saw before me

The most beautiful bouquet that could ever be

Full of flowers, in all my favourite colours

But one strange flower lay amidst all others

I took a deep breath and held the bouquet

Why did this flower look so pale and grey?

Then I saw a purple letter on that dead tulip

And as I understood, I felt my heard could rip

I read the words “I love you” on the letter

They didn’t feel the same…they were bitter

Tears began rolling down my cheeks as I read

And as I saw the goodbyes, my heart felt dead

You were leaving, to some place far away…

You wanted me to go on finding my own way

You asked me to be so happy and so free

And that’s why you didn’t want to keep me

You said life is hard, and I deserved better

By that, I couldn’t complete the rest of the letter

I knew things were never going to be the same

Deep inside me, I felt I was the one to blame

I should have never pushed or asked you

To do anything you didn’t want to do

You thought if you go away things will differ

But just the thought of it made me shiver

How could I ever live without you near?

How am I going to face life alone with no fear?

I wanted to write back to tell you I need you

I was aching and hurting, but I already knew

You weren’t going to change your mind

And I knew that my life with sadness will bind

I only want you in my life… coz you make it shine

I only want your heart to be inside mine

You were hard on yourself for my own sake

But all this is my own unwise mistake

I went to my room, closed the door and wept

This truth was so hard for me to accept

The next thing I felt, I was asleep in my bed…

I woke up like a dull soul in a body that’s dead…

Realizing the flower bouquet was just a dream

That was somehow better than it would seem

I thought of this as I recalled my present

“NO!” I screamed, “NOO, don’t tell me he went..”

And the vision of black silhouettes and sad faces

Filled the room and all the other places

I suddenly remembered; things became clear

You’re gone for good, you’re not here…

What will happen to me without you now?

I didn’t care about myself, as long as I kept our vow…

“Honey you’re still here, you’re never gone…

Nothing will take you away from me, even death

You’ve always been my guide, my sun..

We’ve shared every instant, every breath…

You made my life shine, you fulfilled me,

I know that I will always live inside your heart…

And you know that I’ll never be free

You’re still here, you will never depart…

But right now, I’ll grieve and take some time

To listen to sad tunes, and write my sad rhyme

Until we meet again in the afterlife…”


Anonymous said...

Really Nice; Keep Posting.
While I was reading it; I was feeling as if I was seeing any Romantic album's song.

Good Luck for your exams.

One title for you "Why I am still alive". Lets see what you can write with this title. But try it after the exams.

Evronia said...

thanks a lot for your feedback.. :))) but the identity doesn't appear on ur comments.. are you someone i know?

anyhow, i'm sure i'll try this title..! and i'll post whatever i write about it..
thanks again

Sokrata said...

Evronia, it's soooo visual
i can see you move, holding the flowers, going to your room ... etc

creating a real whole scene with words is a gift

keep it up

Evronia said...

ur one of the best critics ;) i like ur views about what i write :) can u please keep posting :)))))))