Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winning in Alexandria's Churches Festival for Preparatory Stage

Today, the final party and awards ceremony for Alexandria's Churches Festival for Preparatory Stage was held at the St. Mark Cathedral in Raml Station..

I was soooo surprised my girls from Sunday School at St. Takla church won second place in "alhan" (Coptic Hymns) and beat lots of very strong teams (boys and girls) .. It was unexpected, their team consisted of 10 girls and there were a lot of other teams who exceeded them in number. So it totally shook me and made me so happy...

That's why I am writing this post.. To share what I've learnt from this experience..

This taste of success has taught me a lot of things.. it's the first time I win something for the girls at the festival , and it's not actually 'my' success, but it's theirs, and in spite of that, I am sooo happy, even more than they are!!! Because It makes me feel proud of the seed I planted when I see it grew to be a fruitful tree..

I had a tough time teaching them those hymns for almost two months or more during summer 2008, I insisted that they learn them, even if we couldn't join the festival. The hymns were hard, the girls had trouble being on time and attending all the sessions, so by the time when we should sit for the hymns test, we weren't 100% ready, so we killed ourselves, by working for hours til our voices went off :)

It's not just that I proved more to myself how perseverance is so important, but also I saw so intensely the hands of God in our lives.. I didn't plan to win, didn't look forward to it, though I wished it so hard.. However, I realized that God sees what beyond our thinking.. He sees our actions and hard work and is so generous..Most importantly, He sees OUR FAITH ...

In life, sometimes we think we're unfortunate for a certain time, this doesn't mean God has forgotten about us.. If we just wait for a while, we can see (like I did) how generous He is..

I had a lot of hard times this summer, bad moods, but just in one single week, lots of good things happened to me, I was "overburdened" with happiness and I experienced a lot of moments of success..

Success is sweet, it makes us feel paid off.. It pushes us forward to do more, and keeps us close to God, who always watches over us and gives us, not all what we want, but all what we NEED.

Thanks to Him :)

"I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry. "
(Psalms 40:1)

اِنْتِظَاراً انْتَظَرْتُ الرَّبَّ فَمَالَ إِلَيَّ وَسَمِعَ صُرَاخِي -- مزامير 40 : 1

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