About Me

I'm Eve! And yes, Evronia is my real name :)

I'm a software engineer, who happens to be interested in information systems and development, a sarcastic blogger, a poet, a humanitarian, and a geek.

I am broadly interested in how technology can provide innovative solutions for societies’ problems; ICT4D, and specifically interested in ICTs for humanitarian emergencies and data privacy and governance.

I obtained my master's degree in Management, Information Systems and Innovation from the London School of Economics, UK, after receiving the Chevening scholarship. I am currently pursuing my PhD at the Royal Holloway University of London, in the area of ICT4D, after receiving the Dean's Scholarship from the School of Management. 

I blog on different things, mainly controversial... anything that crosses my mind!

I love all human kind.

I like pandas, purple tulips and the minions.

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