Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Complaint about HTC #NoHTC

This is a complaint about an HTC phone I bought. Unfortunately, the HTC complaints page doesn't have emails for customers to write to. Moreover, they limit the complaints length to a couple of paragraphs. I am writing an open complaint here and will forward its link to them.

I will also update the blog post with actions taken from HTC (or untaken!)

But the bottom line is don't buy HTC from Egypt.


Dear Customer Service,

I am writing to complain about an absolute terrible customer service experience that happened at the HTC support and repair center in Alexandria, Egypt (in Smouha Area). I do not live in Egypt, but when I have been there, I bought an HTC One dual SIM 802w phone (16G) as a gift for my father, from El Shennawy Shop. This happened in May 2015. In October 2015, the touch screen was not working, and my father sent the phone to the repair center and they reinstalled the software without actually changing the screen. This was during the phone's warranty period. The screen has never worked well since then, so my father went again a couple of days ago to complain. There was extreme arrogance in the way they treated him at the HTC center, and they said it will cost him 1600EGP to fix it, which is more than half the price of the phone itself. They refused to fix a device and said it wasn't their problem, even though they failed to fix it the first time. My father is too busy to go chase the incompetent irresponsible customer service at your center. I am never buying an HTC again, but I want to make sure my complaint is taken very seriously. I've purchased him another brand already, that was recommended to me because of their helpful and competent customer service.

I am complaining mainly because this the lack of professionalism has been repetitive with regards to the HTC center I am mentioning. I am sure no one has been sending you the whole picture about how this repair center is full of unhappy angry customers. I am afraid I was warned not to buy HTC, but I regret I didn't listen to everyone who warned me.

Not only this, I would also like to take all measures to have this device fixed on the expense of the center since the problem that occurred in it happened only 5 months after purchase and we have reported it to the center, even if they arrogantly deny it. How come they deny that a phone was reported to their center and they attempted to fix it? How come you don't have a system with records of fixes and issues for devices at the center? What's even more insulting to me as a customer is that their inability to fix the device when it was first delivered to them expresses the fact that either they want to make money out of fixing phones when they are out of the warranty period, or they are technically incompetent to detect problems and fix them. Both cases are unacceptable for me and for a big brand name like HTC. This is a masked fraud situation that is eligible for reporting to the Customer Protection Authorities in Egypt.

This type of problems is severely affecting the HTC brand image and goodwill in the Egyptian market and the whole MENA region, and problems have already started spreading on social media. So, unless you do something about these problems, I regret to tell you that customers will continue to complain and propagate the news until their rights are fulfilled.

The details of the device I've purchased

IMEI 1: XXX [contact me for their details]

Model ID:XXX
Serial number XXX

I appreciate your attention to this matter.


28 June 2016

Blog post sent to HTC on Facebook pages with device details (HTC, HTCMEA) Twitter @HTChelp, and online to HTC complaints page (with device details too).

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How I Fell in Love with Dogs #GuideDogs

First, I need to say that I have an animal-phobia, so I can't touch animals, even though I love watching them so much.

I work as a part-time teaching and research assistant with a Lecturer, who is visually impaired. She has a trained guide dog, who is one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. The dog is so smart, tender and doesn't make any noise. She eats at specific times and sleeps as long as her owner is working. The dog understands very well that when she is on her harness, this means that she is working now, so she has to lead her owner, and not try to play with anyone.

At first, I was scared, but now, this dog loves me. She looks for me when we are walking, to make sure that all her group is walking behind her, she plays with me and tries to kiss me. I still do not touch her, but I love her so much.

These guide dogs are trained by charity. The organization breeds them from specific breeds, like the Labrador, because they are smart and love people, and then sponsors them from birth to death, even when the dog is with an owner. The total costs of the dog throughout his/her life is about £50,000.

I am so fond of this organization and the role it plays. People can donate and sponsor a certain puppy on their website, starting from £1/week. The organization sends donors the puppy's photos that they are sponsoring, so that each person can see their sponsored puppy throughout his/her life. 

When I see a guide dog now, I feel happy and I am not afraid anymore. Thanks to this special dog that made me love her, and all her co-guide dogs. This is a photo of the dog I am sponsoring, Biscuit. I am donating a very trivial amount to Biscuit every month. Since I cannot actually adopt any pets, therefore, I consider Biscuit my puppy, who is going to live with someone else, for a better cause. 

I believe that we all have needs, but some people have needs that cannot be self-fulfilled. The people with special needs deserve to lead a normal live. Animals also deserve to live well, be happy and feel that that people love them and the role they play. 

If you want to help, please visit You will get a very cool certificate like this. But more importantly, you will be helping a puppy, and a person who is visually impaired.

I definitely wish that one day there will be a similar organization like Guide Dogs in Egypt. Even though I think some of the trained guide dogs are sent to developing countries, but I totally believe that the respect and support for people with special needs in Egypt have to increase, so that they are enabled to live normally, purposefully and happily.