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My Memoirs as a Priest's Daughter - Part II

Written 2.3.2009

Many thanks to Rania Joseph whose awesome feedback and questions directed the path to writing this piece. Also, thanks to everyone who asked questions that helped creating a material for this part of my memoirs.

About Part Two:
I never really wrote a part two to any of my essays, I always planned to do it with some essays and poems, but never actually did, except now! 

After the large amount of feedback I received face to face and through mails and Facebook, I had to continue with part two. But this is not the only reason I am writing this essay. I wanted to write part two because I had more stuff to say, I had more things to clarify about life in a priest's house and about our personal life as well. Maybe part two will not be as good as part one, but at least it will continue to record the history that created me. I also want people to understand and appreciate our life and be more merciful on priests and their families.
How It Affected My Actions: 
Being a priest's daughter is not an easy thing. I have been asked if it affected my actions; whether I've been told to do or not to do something because I was a priest's daughter. The answer is yes, it certainly did affect me greatly, from the country's and well as the church's perspective.

As for my childhood, I remember that when I was little, I wouldn't sleep before my dad gets home, which is typically very late! I also remember when I wanted to start service at church, dad wouldn't encourage me. As a result, I started later than the usual age we start the service at. He was afraid I wouldn't adjust, he knew I had a 'crazy'  liberated type of thinking and that I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut if I see something wrong, so he didn't want me to arouse troubles; people would say: "Look at what Fr Angelos' daughter is doing and saying!". But thank God I didn't listen to him! Yes, I've faced a lot of problems at service, but I would certainly call these problems as the "success opponent", because right now, I've proved that I am capable of doing a lot of things and I've done so many things in a very short time, so I gained people's respect. The most two things I am so happy with are creating a syllabus for the preparatory stage Sunday school and setting up a mini-library for its reference books, as well as teaching Coptic hymns.    

Another deep issue that still affects me till now is the way people look at me and us as the priest's family. People always look at you, the way you walk, talk and dress. They want to know who your friends are and who you talk to. Some people even add me to their Facebook friends' list out of curiosity!

However, because of all this and more, I have become so strong, determined, confident and so not-caring about what people say. As long as I want to do something, and I see it important and right, nothing will ever stop me.

It mostly affected my mum, she is a great woman and she had to fulfil both roles: father and mother at once, and she has done it perfectly and so courageously! But dad never lets go of any responsibility, but because there are places he can't go to, and because he isn't free most of the time, we are obliged to do many things on our own, and that even includes buying him his own shoes :) We always update him with whatever we do, and we always ask him for his opinion about things... I still show him any new stuff I buy: shoes, clothes, everything. And I even ask him if he thinks this outfit is better than the other... it's just the normal life!  He also drives me when I have exams, even till now, especially on the first day. And he calls if I'm late, even if he's not home, but he knows everything about us. We also go to Hurgada every year, and whenever he visits a church here in Alexandria for a sermon or an event, I go with him. So I didn't miss a thing! And we have lots of memories everywhere.

He's totally fulfilling his role as my father...but it's the things that this country has prevented us mostly from doing that I miss most, like going shopping together, or go on walks, or at least try to avoid people's comments and weird looks everywhere.

Advantages of Being Who I am: 
When I'm a daughter of a priest who is like my father, I get to be famous for his fame too :) I'm known anywhere I go, whenever anyone reads my name. I remember when I was first Alexandria in 5th primary school year, we had calls from all over Egypt, people who saw my photo in newspapers, and recognized my father, they felt it was not just a pride for me, but for everyone who loved my dad... I remember he was giving a sermon at St Shenouda Church in Kabbary here in Alexandria, and I was with him, few days after the school results were out, and the church's priest there took over the microphone and said: "we're so proud of Fr Angelos' daughter; she came out first this year".

So my name made me significant; unique... not just my father's name, but my own name Evronia too, which I'm so blessed to have. Afterall, I can use evronia@gmail, evronia@hotmail, and you can search Google for Evronia  (or Evronia Azer) and most of the results will refer to ME for like 3 pages long or even more... this is not a chance you get a lot! So, I am glad they gave me that name, and I'm glad I have my father's name included too :)
Big Secret!   
A big secret hardly anyone knows is that I was going to be deprived of the position (first Alexandria in 5th primary school year) because of the exact name I am proud of... People from the exams central control contacted us and they discussed the issue with us. There were 4 students including me, who tied at first place, and to arrange them, they usually used the alphabetical order, and since my name in Arabic starts with (Alef) I was going to be put at the top of the list of the top students. And certainly, they didn't want this to happen. They told us that my name couldn't be said first when they announced the top students on TV.  So they arranged students according to AGE!! For the first time in the history of examination results the younger came first.. and so my name came at the second of the list... However, my ranking didn't change (regardless of what we had to do in order to keep that ranking!) and even though there were unfair people, at least there was one good person who stood in the face of the administration and told them that it was MY RIGHT and my effort that brought me this position among the students and that I should receive it. And I thankfully did. There was even a newspaper that skipped publishing my name intentionally, and we had them telephoned! It was Al Ahram Al masaay. But I don't really care! Religious discrimination isn't new to Egypt, and it's not like I've won the Nobel Prize after all! Lol!  
Handling It All: 
I always thought that people don't draw a line between what's important and what's less important when dealing with priests, everyone think that his/her problem is the end of the world, and no one thinks for a second that the priest is a human being (I know that you may answer with the famous line of "a priest is supported by God's grace, may God bless him" ..etc :)   ), this doesn't mean we should forget that he is a human being, needs to rest, to spend time with his family and that some problems can wait! So basically, I get very angry with nonsense phone calls and late ones too, as well as "women's" calls!! lol! 

I've been also asked what we call dad at home... I certainly don't call him "Abouna" and tell him "nokabel el ayadi" when I see him!! And even if some priests' children do that, it certainly doesn't include naughty and noisy ME! I rarely call dad "dad" because I call him all types of nicknames and do all crazy things to him, that I seriously think God will reward him for putting up with me!!      
A Priest=A Rich Person: 
A very famous ugly quote in Arabic says "youm fi el farageyya wala sana fi el so3odeyya" (i.e. priests are the richest people). I have mentioned in my part one about the "integrity" of my father. However, it seems people didn't really get what I meant by that word. I am amazed that there are people who think priests have access to the church's money and that the church buys them houses and cars and give them luxurious lives, or that priests charge others for doing them stuff like weddings and other services! If some people do something, this doesn't mean ALL people are like that.

When I was a kid, I was once insulted by someone who I don't remember now anymore, he said that priests are very rich and a lot of other things I don't recall... but the only thing I remember is that I kept weeping all night long because I wanted to tell him that he was wrong, and that we never took a penny that wasn't ours.   

It seems that money is the only thing people think about these days. So to make it very clear to everyone, I will talk about how we live and I believe this applies to all other respectful priests and their families. Priests simply get a salary from the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchy (not from church). This salary is like any other salary at any other job; it increases with time, has some additions to it, and insurance money gets deducted from it as well, and so on. My father doesn't accept any type of additional money above the salary he deserves and what he is entitled to get. My father also does the official marriage court papers (Tawtheeq, like ma2zoon with Muslims) and he doesn't get any penny for doing this either, though many people do. I wonder why people think that priests were so poor before they were priests and that church is their only source of money! Don't they have decent families who probably gave them a heritage to inherit and paved the path for them to lead a good life before they'd become priests?!

This issue has been the core of heated discussions many times among me and other people, and has also been a deep concern for me whenever I was planning to do anything. For example, when I joined IGCSE, I was worried what people would say, it's something that cost around 15 000 pounds a year, and I remember that I told my parents that this was a lot of money and that I didn't want to join IGCSE, and I thought people would gossip. Before that when dad used to replace the car, or when my mom got a new small car, I also had fears. Why did I have fears? Because people would think stuff that weren't true! I hate to think that anyone is thinking that we are living in luxury on the account of church! But in times like that my mom always told me: "If someone has ever given us something, let them charge us for it, it's all from our hard work and we deserve to have a life."

So where does the money come from? It is an important question! Yes it happens that I'm leading a very nice life, and that my father is a priest, but it also happens that my mum is a very good manager, who knows how to spend in the right way, get everything we need and never be in need. Most importantly, we are lead by the grace of God! And I can see it every single day in my life.

My Father: Like No Other: 
My father is not a typical priest... perhaps the time has not come for everyone to know how special he is. There are stuff I have seen but I can't mention now, but I have permission to talk about something that happened to him, a miracle, because he has already talked about it at church. My father was riding with Fr. Kyrellos (From St Takla Church too) in the same car, and stopped at the traffic lights to cross Portsaid street before St Mark's College in Shatby area. Then, when the light was green and they were allowed to pass, a thin old man with a dark skin appeared in front of them and ordered them not to move. They were in a hurry so they told him to get out of the way, but the man wouldn't leave. At the same moment, the car that was beside them moved, and crashed  with another car that was coming from the perpendicular direction (From Portsaid Street) with a very great speed ignoring the traffic lights. While they were in shock from this horrible accident that left both cars in total wreck, they looked for the man, but he wasn't there any more. And from then on, they called this area (St Takla's traffic light) and we all still remember this incident whenever we pass by the area. {For those who don't know, St Takla was from   Ethiopia and he had a dark skin :) }
I have been once told by a very dear person to me: "If I had lived in a house like yours, I wouldn't have become worried about anything"... that's why I consider I have exceptional grace of God in my life because of my father.
Some Quick Advantages of Being a Priest's Daughter: 
- I get to meet a lot of Bishops, the Pope, a lot!
- I get to have access to all news and buzz going around in the Christian community.
- I get to have special prayers for me all the time and whenever I want!
- I get to eat a lot of Oblation. "2orban" :D

I don't know if there will be part three or not, but I hope that I've set things straight with this article of mine. I will be happy to know what everyone thinks of what I wrote, and questions and comments are totally welcomed :)

My Memoirs as a Priest's Daughter - Part I

Read Part II here

Written 13.12.2008

This December (2008) we celebrate dad's 24th anniversary for becoming a priest, as well as his 57th birthday... 3o2bal 10000 sana :)
I suppose most people know that my father is a priest, whether they know me from church, or know from my full name (by the way "Azer" is my great grandfather's name, and my full name in Arabic is Evronia ElKes Angelos Fathy Azer, and the "Fr." I write in English, "Evronia Fr. Angelos", is an abbreviation for "Father"), or otherwise, have seen me in one of the newspapers or church's magazines, LOL.
However, very few people know more about how this has affected my life, and what this life is like in the first place...

My Personal View: 
First of all, it is very obvious from the dates above that I was born long after my father had become a priest. So, I had no choice in this decision, and it's not like my sister had a choice either, because she was two and a half years old at that time. But let's say that I was born into this life, not spending so much time with him, so I adapted. Do I hate it? Of course not, but it has its pros and cons, which is part of what I will discuss in this essay. I suddenly decided to write all this down, because a lot of people don't see all sides of our life, especially my dad's... but it's not like I'm telling a story here, I want to write this to make it part of a history I cherish so much, because it simply created ME.

The View of the Egyptian Community: 
I've written before about how hard it is being a Christian girl in our society in one of my essays called "The Only Advantage of Living in Egypt" and I suppose no one argued with me about it, because all Christians have seen some discrimination, some way or another, throughout their lives. But being a priest's daughter, with my name so obviously showing it, certainly made it a lot different for me.
Long time ago, some of our neighbors' kids in the opposite block to ours in our street used to mock at us, calling us names...They even put a curtain to their apartment's balcony to block our view! I remember this now and I laugh at how much everyone in the area we live respects and appreciates us after they've known us so well. So, usually, as a little girl, this was tough for me, but thankfully, it didn't put bad marks in my life, or my childhood, probably it's because of how I was raised up; being so confident and so well respected from everyone around me.
But of course, kids' calling me names isn't a big issue, everyone would say "This is an individual incident" like what we hear on TV everyday :) But let me talk about the repetitive incidents that go on till this moment... I could be riding the car with dad, going anywhere, and we could be showered with verbal assaults, and may God Bless us if we don't close the windows, they could even attack us with their hands, or with anything they're holding... You pass, and you hear the slamming of people's hands on the back of the car, or on the windows, any of these stuff. Other incidents would be like: some sellers refusing to sell you stuff because you're Christian, or because they see you're riding with a priest, etc... Does that bother me? Well, if it wasn't for my family's safety and satisfaction, I certainly wouldn't be bothered, but as the Holy Bible said: "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven." (Matthew 5:11-12) 
As for my name, when I was little, I was at a Coptic Orthodox school (Morcossia Language School) so I had no problems with people pronouncing my name, or teachers' discriminating me, although some kids made fun of it sometimes, but well, they used to call me a "nerd", they could make fun of anything else and I would just feel more proud! Later on at IGCSE, I was at Alexandria International School, and the whole thing with the British Council was amazing, I started becoming known with "Azer" as my family name, and when my dad visited the school when I applied, or to attend a meeting, or an honoring event at the British Council, he was welcomed and well respected. Now, at university, they don't even know how to read my own name in order to reach my dad's name :D, but there was a mocking incident with a teaching assistant in an oral exam when I was at my second year, but I pitied the guy, he seemed he already hated himself more than what I could've said to him to make him regret it more! LOL!
Anyhow, life isn't that bad! Cheer up, it's Egypt! It's the country where I was deprived of my simplest rights, I couldn't even go shopping with my dad when I was little (it's a simple thing but it affected me)... And do I love it? The land, I have nothing against it, it's full of churches and monasteries, and it's where a lot of saints' blood was shed, but the people, Hell NO! I think no one can argue with me now and tell me "We drank its water from the Nile, or were raised under the sun", this is total nonsense and it's not a Utopia after all, so no one should convince me into loving it!

The View of the Christian Community: 
It's not that it's a piece of cake for Christians as well to look at you as a priest's daughter, especially at the same church where my dad serves. You could hear comments like "Do you really watch TV, do you even have one at home??"... Guys, yes, we do have a TV and I watch it (I even like MBC4 and dad mocks at me when he sees me watching it, saying "It's for you" :) ), I also listen to music and I even started using the net (AT HOME) since I was eleven or something!
And of course, at church, people don't get to see the crazy side of my personality a lot, they get to think, "this girl is complicated, she's living on another planet" and some people start to avoid you, or at least avoid talking a lot to you, because they think I'd go report it all to dad, who's the church's priest!! Once, I remember, a friend of mine told me "well, I didn't really think you were opened like that, I thought of you differently before I really talked to you". I don't know who to blame, but probably I wouldn't like people to judge me before really knowing me. If you don't know me, then don't form your own ideas about me, because most of the times, these ideas are wrong.
I didn't let any problem I've faced at church affect my love to it, because I love to serve at it, I don't even like anywhere else... it's my favorite place and my home... so now, as a grown-up, and after two and a half years of serving at Sunday school, I think my girls who I serve (who are currently at first year at secondary school) know me better, they know that I'm kind and open-minded, they know I watch TV, and they even chat online with me!
There's another side of this issue, the part of living in a house like ours, where you don't get to have peaceful moments without the phones ringing, and I say "phones" because sometimes the house line, and the mobiles ring at the same time, and they are all asking to speak to one person, certainly not me! LoL... but calls in the middle of the night or dawn are usual things at home. So I hope now everyone who hates our answering machine appreciates the fact that I have had enough of this noisy invention called telephones!   

December 2005: A Month That Changed My Life: 
In December 2005, dad had a sudden heart attack and had an open-heart surgery. What I gained from this experience is not something that can be put into words, and not something to be easily explained either. I've seen people's love to my dad, it moved me a lot, I've seen blessings from God, I've seen how God loved him so much and that's why God blesses our life as his family, because dad is with many times you see a person having a heart attack, and this person is coincidentally visiting a patient in a hospital? Yes, it happened to my dad, and he was admitted instantly, had a surgery just one week after. It was all just a bunch of unpleasant surprises one after the other, because my father never really complained from heart diseases before that time. He was in Cairo, and everyone hid the news from me, but I had to know one way or another. I had exams at university, and I was staying over at my best friend Lydia's house, because the whole family was in Cairo. I remember in one of the oral exams (it was this subject I disliked much: Engineering Production) I was so tensed and shaky that the professor asked me if I was alright, of course I didn't tell him that I was studying for that exam on my way back from the hospital! The day that followed the surgery, was my practical physics exam, and I knew, while writing down on my exam papers, that my dad was in the ICU at that time, and was praying for him.
This whole experience was life-changing. It made me so strong, so much trusting God. I've experienced a stream of emotions, I felt I was losing my life, I asked God "Why" but then I learned to ask him to "Let His will prevail", which was so tough, I was taught to ask for God's will, not my own will, and the best will come afterwards.
I still remember: the New Year without dad, but thankfully by Christmas he was back at home, first time away from church, watching the mass on TV, people coming to visit him at our home all day long, and I had to study at night... lots and lots of memories...I recall them all :)
I also remember that while my dad was in the hospital I received my prize from the Goi Peace foundation, for winning . And by the way, this year at university, was the highest score so far for me; I got 88%.

The Side of 
My Dad No One Knows About:

My dad, throughout the years, has built a reputation for being one of the most well-known, respected priests, for his integrity, religiousness, dedication to his service, good relationships (wasta ya3ny :D), his love to help others, his talented voice, his preaches, his love to Coptic Hymns and many other things. He has a great reputation with everyone and all organizations and affiliations in the country. However, there're a lot of things many people don't know about him. Sometimes they mistake his firmness for toughness, or his wisdom for strictness, but I see it all everyday, and I can tell more than what anyone thinks he/she sees.
My dad is so opened, so funny, so energetic, so kind, so emotional and he rarely shouts! And probably you'd be surprised to know that I am even so spoilt! Yes I'm "Daddy's spoilt little girl". My parents have always trusted my sister and me greatly, they made us feel responsible and gave us freedom to decide our own lives and make our own decisions about everything. I like the kind of life I am leading, and I'm proud of what I've inherited from that life. Everyone keeps telling me "Oh you write so well, you're so talented" but does anyone know that I got my writing talent from my father, especially poetry?! He doesn't write long poetry, nor published books, but he has a lot of thoughts, a lot of rhymes in his mind, numerous writings that are allover the house ...and it's very obvious in the way he organizes his thoughts and points in his sermons.
My dad and I get along in almost everything, he is my friend and our decisions are almost the same, and it's the same with my mom as well, but everyone would say "like mother like daughter". But let's say that I'm a mix of mum and dad at one package :) It's not just the writing talent that I got from dad, but his style of service at church, his priorities at service, his ideas, his love to Coptic hymns, his voice, his intelligence at education and many characteristics... I've taken a lot from him, and I hope I've made him proud enough so far.

And Now: 
I believe that I have led a blessed life, and a real lucky one. I thank God for all his gifts; for being raised in a home that made me love Him more everyday... a home that put so much success, so many talents, so many great and happy moments and memories in me.

Happy Anniversary dad, to you, and to St Takla Church, where your service blossoms everyday, and to all of us...
Happy Birthday to you...May God bless you always...

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الخادم الاليكتروني - [أفكارعملية للخدمة الكنسية] ـ

عزيزي الخادم، عزيزتي الخادمة

مع انتشار وسائل التكنولوجيا الحديثة وتوغلها في الخدمة، بقى كل واحد عايز يتكلم في الموضوع ده بيكتب الجملة الشهيرة ان التكنولوجيا "سلاح ذو حدين ولازم نستخدمها كويس وصح وإلا بقت شيطان" والكلام المرسل ده اللي مش بيأكل عيش.

بصفتي الحمدلله باحب التكنولوجيا وفي بيني وبينها صلح كده وعشرة، قررت أن اكتب البلوج ده عشان اشارككم بعض الافكار العملية والفعالة في الخدمة عن طريق التكنولوجيا.

أولا كل المخدومين دلوقتي موجودين على الفيسبوك، وعندهم موبايلات.

١- الفيسبوك:

+ ممكن تعمل جروب لأسرتك وده معظم الناس فعلا عاملاه. المهم مش انك تعمله، ومش انه يبقى وسيلة اتصال فقط و وسيلة لترتيب مواعيد الأنشطة وغيره، لكن مهم كمان انك تحط عليه السنكسار مثلا بصفة دورية، وألحان وترانيم وآيات، وتتكلم عن مناسبات الكنيسة، وتكون مخصص وقت لأنك توصل للمخدومين عن طريق الفيسبوك  من خلال الرسائل أو الجروب.

+ ممكن كمان تبدأ تعمل لهم مسابقات على جروب الفيسبوك وأنشطة وتسالي خصوصا في فترة الصيف. 

٢- الموبايل:

+الخدمة الفردية عن طريق الموبايل. دلوقتي الحمدلله في باقات رسائل مثلا ١٠٠٠ رسالة ب ١٠ جنية من موبينيل لو انت على نظام ستار، وأكيد في انظمة مشابهة في فودافون، ممكن تبعت كل كام يوم كده رسالة فيها آية حلوة معزية للمخدومين وكمان الخدام اخواتك. ليه دي خدمة مهمة أكتر من الفيسبوك؟ لأكتر من سبب:
- المخدوم بيحس ان الخادم فاكره بصفة شخصية، وإن ربنا باعتله كلمة سلام هو محتاجها في الوقت ده، وان كلام ربنا فعلا بيبقى سنده وتعزيته فيبدأ يتعود على انه يترمي في حضن ربنا في كل الاوقات. كمان انت كده بتقلل عدد مرات الافتقاد اللي انت محتاج تعملها للمخدوم لأنك طول الوقت باستمرار فاكره ومعاه ع الخط!

+ مهم جدا انك تكون عارف جدول امتحانات مخدوميك وتبعت لهم الرسايل دي ليلة الامتحان، بتفرق جدا على فكرة، أكتر مما تتخيل. ساعتها انت كخادم بتكون فعلا جسر لمخدوميك تجاه ربنا ومحبته.
- مهم تكلم مخدوميك في التليفون بعد الامتحانات تسأل عليهم، كان في خادمة صديقتي راحت السما، ماريانا ملطي، كانت بعد كل مادة في ثانوية عامة بتكلم البنات في التليفون، لغاية اخر وقت في حياتها على الأرض.

+ طب لو عندك مخدومين كتير في الاسرة أو الحالة الاقتصادية مش ماشية وصعب انك تعمل ده؟ ممكن باشتراكك مع الخدام اللي معاك تنسق انكم تجمعوا تكلفة الرسايل دي من بعض أو انكم من عشوركم حتى تعملوا ده، دي خدمة قد ايه مثمرة. موضوع الرسايل ده مهم جدا وأكرر، وخصوصا ايام الامتحانات.

+ الملاحظة الهامة ان من فترة كده كان ممكن تعمل اكاونت على تويتر والناس تعمل له فولو من الموبايل ولما تكتب على تويتر الرسايل توصل لهم ببلاش على تليفوناتهم، بس الموضوع ده توقف من كل الشبكات وكان عيبه كمان ان اتصالات مكانتش في الحسبان خالص.

+ في مخدومين كتير دلوقتي بقى معاهم سمارت فون، وعندهم واتساب watsapp  وفايبرviber، طبعا ممكن ساعتها توسع اكتر دايرة رسايلك وتبعت مش بس ايات مكتوبة، لكن كمان صور قديس اليوم، ترنيمة، لحن، ومايمنعش يعني نكتة ولا أي حاجة دمها خفيف، مش لازم الخادم يبقى مقفل يعني طول الوقت.

٣- التدوين:

+ لو انت بقى فاضي شوية وعندك وقت، ممكن تعمل مدونة، يعني موقع زي اللي بتقرا عليه دلوقتي، وده ببلاش، وعندك موقع وموقع تعمل المدونة على واحد منهم. طبعا المدونة دي هاتبقى على مستوى الخدمة كلها، نقول مثلا كل أسر اعدادي، وطبعا في افكار ومواضيع لا نهائية ممكن تحطها على المدونة. ميزة المدونة انك هاتبقى بتخدم على نطاق أوسع والناس لما تدور على المواضيع على جوجل هاتوصل لمدونتك وكده تبقى خدمتك وصلت للعالمية الف مبروك :) يعني بتعمم الفايدة لناس كتير

+ ممكن تشارك خدام معاك في انكم تكتبوا على المدونة لو انت وقتك ضيق، وممكن كمان تعلم المخدومين طريقة استخدامها والكتابة عليها ، وهي سهلة جدا على فكرة مش محتاجة مهندس، ويدخلوا هما كمان يحطوا حاجات عليها بعد ما طبعا انتوا تراجعوها. انت كده بتشجعهم يبقوا خدام، وبتعلمهم روحيا واليكترونيا، وبتكتشف مواهبهم في الكمبيوتر والنت والكتابة والخ.

+ ممكن كمان تحط كل اسبوع على المدونة الدرس اللي بياخدوه، واللحن، وترانيم مدارس الأحد، بحيث ان اللي ماجاش يقدر يستفيد برضه ويتابع.

+ مثال لمدونة ناجحة جدا في الخدمة: مدونة  

+ تحديث: بعد ما كتبت البوست ده، في مبادرة قامت بنجاح من كنيسة مارمرقس - مدينة ١٥ مايو بعمل مدونة لخدمة ثانوي باحييهم جدا على سرعة التنفيذ والايجابية وارسالهم عنوان المدونة :) 

٤- اليوتيوب:

+ ممكن تعمل أكاونت على youtube، وتصور وتحط عليه فيديوهات من عظات المؤتمرات في الكنيسة، ألحان وترانيم المخدومين بيحبوها، وممكن كمان انت تعمل فيديو لترنيمة جديدة عملتوها في كنيستكم، وتشجع كمان المخدومين انهم يعملوا فيديوهات على ال movie maker وترفعهالهم. وممكن كمان يتعلموا اكتر في عمل ومونتاج الفيديو ودي خدمة مطلوبة كتير اليومين دول في الكنايس.

+ ممكن تبدأ في تقسيم الفيديوهات في playlists يعني كل مؤتمر مثلا أو مناسبة ليها ليستة، بحيث تنظم الفيديوهات للمخدوملن وللناس كمان على اليوتيوب بصفة عامة.

+ المعروف ان اليوتيوب من أكتر المواقع اللي الناس بتستخدم البحث بتاعها، وبالتالي لما ترفع عليه أي فيديو، ماتنساش تكتب اسمه كويس، وتكتب في الوصف بتاعه كل الكلمات اللي ممكن الواحد يفكر فيها وهو بيدور على الفيديو ده، يعني مثلا لو لحن، تكتب اسمه عربي وانجليزي وتحط لينك لكلمات اللحن وتكتب المناسبة اللي بيتقال فيها اللحن ده امتى، عشان الناس تلاقي اللحن في البحث بسهولة وبسرعة.

+ بالنسبة للتدوين واليوتيوب، ماتنساش حقوق الطبع والنشر والملكية الفكرية، يعني ماينفعش تبقى خادم وبتسرق حاجات الناس (حصلت على فكرة معايا كتير، الناس خدت مني لحن اطاي بارثينوس على اليوتيوب ونزلته ورفعوه باسمهم تاني، ما علينا). فلو انت عملت فيديو لترنيمة من كورال أو البوم فريق، اتأكد ان اللي بيقول الترنيمة موافق على ده، او على الاقل تكتب اسمه في الفيديو. وماينفعش بأي حال من الأحوال تاخد حاجة حد عاملها وتنسبها لنفسك تحت شعار إن دي خدمة وانك بتساعد في نشر الحاجة دي، لأن الأمانة مهمة! 


في أفكار كتير، ودي مجرد زي ما بيقولوا "tip of the iceberg" عشان تفتح لنفسك مجالات أكتر وأكبر للخدمة، وتكون خادم واعي ومؤثر بحق وحقيقي مش  لسة شاغل بالك بمواضيع بدائية في الخدمة لا بتودي ولا بتجيب.

مش طبيعي انه يكون في القرن ال٢١ حد مايعرفش يستخدم النت، مش لازم تكون محترف، بس ع الاقل طور نفسك ومعرفتك، عشان مش منطقي ان مخدوميك يكونوا عارفين اكتر منك، ويحسوا انك رجعي وجاي من الفضاء.
 مخدوميك لازم يشوفوك شخص ناجح وقدوة وذو علم ومعرفة مش بس روحية لكن كمان اجتماعية واليكترونية وفي كل المجالات. "ايها الحبيب اروم ان تكون ناجحا في كل شيء"
 لازم انت تكون مليان عشان تقدر تملا اللي بتخدمهم، ولازم اكتر حاجة تكون مالياك هي محبة ربنا، لازم تحب ربنا جدا ويكون هو الهدف ونحوه عينيك وانت بتعمل كل ده، وإلا كل ده هايبقى تعب باطل ومالهوش أهمية.

اهم حاجة تعملها انك تصلي لمخدوميك، خدمة من غير صلاة مالهاش أي لازمة :)

وربنا يبارك كل عمل لمجد اسمه القدوس

- هابقى أحدث التدوينة كل فترة بأي أفكار جديدة في الموضوع ده، تابعونا!