Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ahmed Seif Departs this World

Today, as Alaa spent 76 days in jail, 9 days on hunger strike, Sanaa spent 66 days in jail, their father, Ahmed Seif departs this world..

Seif, the prominent human rights lawyer is remembered, not only for his work, but for bringing to the world Alaa, Mona, Sanaa, 3 precious people anyone can be proud of, for their consistent support to humanity, their hopeful struggle and their creative techniques.. 

As I remember how inspirational Alaa was to me on the technical level, and I acknowledged him in my dissertation, today I feel ashamed I can't help him or his beloved family. I feel ashamed that this country has given them the worst it has, while us, we're luckier. We're also lucky coz we've learnt from them, and they will continue to shine for all human rights defenders. Seif's teachings and ideologies will always exist through them and us...

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