Monday, July 14, 2014

On Mahienour: She Is Who We Should Become

I'm proud of Mahienour, proud to be her friend, proud to even know her. Everyone who has met her even once should be proud.

She's the young lady that has been able to change the world, influence and inspire people with letters she wrote while in prison. She's the revolutionary who has defied the class structure, the capitalist system and the oppressive regime. She’s the human being whose kindness and feeling for others have touched, not only everyone around her, but thousands of people all over the world.

She’s the one who has taken part in every initiative and movement that aim to empower the workers, the poor and the oppressed. She wouldn’t wait until those who are in need call for help; she became their voice, and became one of them. She beams with hope and shines with creativity. 
Photo from Mahienour's appeal hearing session on June 28th, by Doaa Gaber

Mahienour is not an image we print on a paper for solidarity; she is our beacon that leads the way to a better life, and a successful revolution. She is our role model that shows us how we should fight and not give up. She is the angel for the poor, and the soldier for the oppressed. She is who we should look up to. She is who we should become.  


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