Wednesday, March 14, 2012

40 Things to Do Before I Die

Years ago, I saw in a movie or somewhere a proposal for a person to write the 40 most things one wants to do before s/he is dead. I started actually thinking about it more than once, and started writing, then the computer crashed and I lost it all.

Few weeks ago, I got the idea again, and today I decided I'll write those 40 silly childish inner wishes that provide a clear look into my world, who I am and what I love doing.

Arranged randomly not according to a certain priority:

1- Plant tulips in my home, especially purple ones.
2- Attend a concert and perform with Josh Groban.
3- Perform with Eskenderella band.
4- Have a daughter and name her Abigail, she'll be wise just like the original Abigail. If I'll ever have a second daughter, I'll name her Helen. It'll be amazing if they can be violinists, ballerinas, or any type of artist they choose to be.
5- Have a boy or two and name him/them David and/or Jonathan, they'll be so much loved and great visionaries, just like the names indicate.
6- Attend a ballet concert for Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, or any other famous play.
7- Marry a person who won't be embarrassed or too proud to kiss my hands, privately or in public, and really mean it and be honest about it, especially if he ever read this.
8- Do something crazy about my hair but temporarily.
9- Receive a high-recognized prize/award in literature and in defending human rights.
10- Give lectures and inspirational talks on humanitarian issues.
11- I don't want to be rich, but I don't want money to be a problem.
12- Earn a masters degree, just to prove I am still good at education.
13- Be a manager in a multi-national company by the age of 30.
14- Visit the holocaust memorial in Berlin.
15- Tour many countries, mainly: Japan, Holland, Lebanon, France, Italy, Korea, African countries...
16- Know how to tie my scarf like Bae Young Joon in the series Winter Sonata.
17- Eat original American doughnuts.
18- Go to Disney Land.
19- Visit all monasteries in Upper Egypt.
20- Attend a football match for Italy in the world cup and wear the team's jersey and hat.
21- Stop being nervous and worried about everything big or small.
22- Be considerably well-known in the field of my career/talents, no need to sign autographs though!
23- Meet and perform with David Ensemble.
24- Publish a poetry book and another one on bedtime stories for kids.
25- Write short stories.
26- Publish a book with my Si-ElSayed series of essays.
27- Overcome my animalo-phobia and fish-phobia.
28- Get a photo session.
29- Visit Jerusalem.
30- Help too many people efficiently and effectively to change their lives, especially the poor, handicapped, underrepresented...
31- Go back to driving.
32- Dance tango, few lessons of it would do.
33- Witness a miracle in life.
34- Die honorably, preferably die for a cause, then go to heaven.
35- Buy helium balloons.
36- Read more books and novels.
37- Change the world.
38- Record a Coptic-hymns album.
39- Be loved immensely.
40- Wear a Simpsons T-shirt.


Amr Ebaid said...

I think it was "The Bucket List" of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, and these are 39, not 40.. You cannot go to heaven before you die!!

By the way, Africa is not a country :)

Evronia said...

thanks a lot for the name of the movie , I could never remember it. As for wish#40, I merged it with another wish coz just yesterday night I was thinking that it doesn't work this way lol

and I sure know Africa is not a country, meant to write 'African countries' , now corrected.