Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double Standards

There are many types of people nowadays. Some of these types include: those who supported the revolution all the way but weren't involved in fighting for anyone's rights, those who are against throwing off Mubarak (but are with throwing off Habib El Adly and the regime!!), and those known to be fighting down the streets for people's rights with the revolution or without it, and some..well.. have double standards!!

And this is the type of people that makes me really wonder about how they think! They think the revolution is chaos, but they are spreading awareness about the famine in Somalia for example. They think the revolution should stop doing more chaos but feel sorry for people being killed in Syria. Excuse me?? Campaigning for another country and totally forgetting that there are 40% of Egyptians are living in severe poverty and almost dying out of hunger as well? Sympathizing with another country and totally forgetting that there are thousands of people who faced cruel military trials and are in prison after the revolution, that there are hundreds being beaten in Tahrir? Do you campaign for a cause or for a religion/country/continent? With all due respect, we should support a cause; human rights for ALL.

How come there are some who stand in solidarity with Syria and Somalia and won't even have a look at what is happening at their own country, just below their noses.. !! Aren't these double standards!

If a child dies in Somalia out of hunger people would start collecting donations for them and ask to spread awareness about the cause.. if this child were Egyptian (and there are many who die out of hunger), and we go to protest for this child's rights, they tell u ENOUGH, we want safety and security.. this is double standards..

How come you want to end poverty in the world but you think that those revolutionaries (who are also seeking to end poverty in their country) are just a bunch of trouble makers who don't understand anything and you ask them to stop? 

I certainly don't disagree with donating to Somalia, I myself spread website links to donate, but at least know that we're in a similar state to them! Know about your country and feel for it! 

Be a revolution, Support the revolution.. 

And pray for the whole world...

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