Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No to Violence

I am against violence in all its forms. Protesting for your rights is legal, being violent is not.

I am writing this short post to condemn all violence actions at the protests going on currently at BibAlex and Maspiro in Cairo. I totally support the protesters in what they are asking for, but not in how they are asking for it.

I saw the violence at the protest, I saw how the mob reacted and how wiser and more calmer guys wanted to make the situation calm and peaceful but they wouldn't listen. Their actions were scary and very foolish.

In addition, to make your voice heard, you should use banners with clear written messages about what you want, and not turn the place into an arena of loud chants and praises, this is not how people will understand what you're asking for! No one will even understand what you say! And in case you want to say some praises for God or something, don't say this radical song like the one the little girl said on ONTV last night about, which had words like "We can shed blood but we won't", how come a young girl says something like this? And how come you consider revenge a religious actions and write songs about it?!!

This is totally unacceptable for me. I support civilized protests, with clear understood messages, no violence whatsoever, and no racism!

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