Monday, May 16, 2011

No to Violence AGAIN & No to MiliTrials! Free Shalaby!

What happened yesterday at the Israeli embassy is totally outrageous for me. I support the freedom of expression even if I don't agree with what's being said, and I'm totally against the use of violence and live ammunition against peaceful protesters. Yesterday, sadly many were injured badly, and some even got killed! 

I wonder where the police and military police were when churches in Imbaba and Atfeeh were attacked? I wonder where they were when Maspiro protesters were attached by "thugs"! Have all the thugs that threaten Egyptians' and Christians' security been arrested? No! OK, then let's turn to arrest some activists, because they threaten the security of Israel...!

I guess the Israeli embassy night shows us that the police and military can take control of things if they want to, don't they? So, why have they been acting otherwise around Egypt?!

According to Gigi Ibrahim who was protesting in front of the embassy: "All the protesters did was push the barricade not even go into the building nor do anything and result 120 injured, 2 deaths, 50 arrested!!"

I say NO to violence in all its forms, I say NO to military trials for civilians, even thugs, let alone activists!! 

I call for the freedom of Tarek Shalaby, who has done much more than anyone of us in the Egyptian Revolution! I call for the freedom of all those detained with him as well. No to military trials for civilians! No to to arresting activists!

Since I've met Tarek and I've been following what he's doing closely, I know how much he loves his country, and I'm ready to stand up for him because he is such a brave role model for all activists!

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