Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dr Moustafa Amin Youssef "Ya fandem" :)

Last term when we studied Microprocessors with Dr Moustafa, it was fine, even though I wasn’t much into the subject itself, but I saw something new in Dr Moustafa that I wanted to learn from. This term, with Embedded Systems and Operations Research, I learned dozens of new things, new techniques and new ways.

And even though I totally disagree with the ‘overload’ strategy in CSED, I finally understood Dr Moustafa's point, and actually started applying it to myself: “to prioritize my to-do list and do what is more important to me”…

And when we complained by the end of this term, I was so happy he listened to us and told us “Whatever you want, the most important thing is that you understand what you study”. It showed the real intentions of what he did all year long, and it showed a real kind heart. That is why I believe Dr Moustafa is one of those people who left a deep mark in our lives and minds… Also, he was the only professor who shared with us the first “CSED 2010” party!! It certainly means a lot to us!

I enjoyed embedded systems … I suppose we all did… I am glad we studied stuff no one else does, like Android. I benefited a lot from Operations Research; I wish I had more time to invest in it! I even started looking on Wikipedia to know the solution of the Prisoner’s Dilemma before it was explained in class!!

I believe this sentence that was once said to me by Engineer Reem Youssry: “Those who don’t take undergraduate courses with Dr Moustafa lose a lot”… Yes, I’ve lost much health, weight and mood because of the CSED overload, but all in all, looking on the brighter side, I like what I've gained and I am happy and so satisfied with myself… :)

So thanks Dr Moustafa!

Thanks for creating a change!

"Google phone demo"

By the way, “ya fandem” is the most famous word by Dr Moustafa :) and also... (I collected this list with help of my co-CSEDians :D ):

- Ya fandemS

- Kefaia noory ya fandem!

- 2estanno lama y7’alaso dardasha

- Kol kalamak 7elw ya doctooorrr

- 7'obara2 el microprocessors wal programming wal wasa2el el mosa3da



- al mowafek 3ala option 1 yatafadal be raf3 yadeh

- matestas-helsh ya fandem

- sha3’aloh la7san haisaddy

- welba2y?? masama3nash ya doctor!!!

- 7aned7ak fe el2mt7an

- el "fun" gaii now

- "Husaaiin"


- elmafrod trawa7 ta3melha fe elbeet

- b2eeedak ya fandem.. ommal te3raf enaha sha3'ala ezai?

- ana malish da3wa bel manual ya fandem ... ana leya beli beye7sal we 3amaltoh be eidak fi el lab

- any comments 3al sections wel labs ?

- fe 2oroba we el dowal el motakadema !

- badal ma2ol talla3 wara2a we 7ell...

And here comes my part...

To Dr Moustafa Amin , our university professor who taught us Microprocessors, Embedded Systems and Operations Research (and Networks in the future :) ).

Poem #159

Written 10.5.09

Dr Moustafa…

You are ‘embedded’ in our lives and minds,

You taught us things of all different kinds.

We are always overloaded by much to do,

Fighting deadlines and striving through,

Not being able to live … constantly complaining…

But in the end, it was what we’re gaining;

We’re now broad-minded, more educated,

More ambitious and more goal-oriented…

You’re an example to us; a role model

You showed us how to think and model,

How to create ideas that are brand-new,

How to be committed and love what we do,

How to be unique and brave to talk in class,

How not to let any tiny detail just pass…

All our lives are changed because of you

No! I’d rather say “Thanks to you”!

We wish you all the best from our hearts

For all the good and even bad parts

Thanks for being the great pioneer,

You’re our friend who is so dear!

Doctor Moustafa, you’re a star that sparks

And don’t forget the bonus marks ;)

Just kidding! :)

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Ashraf Bashir said...

Yes, exactly as Reem said:
"Those who don’t take undergraduate courses with Dr Moustafa lose a lot"

He is not just a prof, he is a real human that respects each one and aim to make'em learn (just for knowledge), I don't want to compare him with other Drs, but he is really one of my favorite profs in CSED,

يا فندم اللي بيقولها ديه قمة الاحترام للطلبة بتوعه
فيه غيره كان بيقول: "انتم مين علشان توصلوا لمستوانا أوعلشان اصلا تفكروا توصلوا لمستوانا
اما ان الدكتور يقول لطالب عنده يا فندم فهو بيحترمه لأبعد حد ممكن تتخيليه, وهو مبيقولهاش هزار زي ما كتير متخيلين

And, you will feel the power of the pressure he (and others Drs) put you in, when you go to real life world (work), There, you will see how other developers who came from other universities "BEYFAYASO" after 5 "working hrs" per day, whenever ALEX-CSEDians can be fully productive for more than 10 hrs per day, and can act under deadline projects deliveries high pressure. You will appreciate what he gave you, and you thought it was " TANFEE7' "

Thanks Dr. Moustafa
Rhanks Evronia

Evronia said...

Yes I didn't say we hate "ya fandem", we actually like it, at least it's better than "ya 7'aibeen" that we always hear from Dr X :)

And yes I agree with you.. though I still have my views about organizing the work load at the department..Just ask Dr Abo Gabal and he'll tell you about my annual speech at the department's meeting! lol

Thanks for the comment ashraf.. :)

Victor Zakhary said...

nice eve very good ....
thnx alot Dr moustafa

Evronia said...

thx vicas :D

Unknown said...

Dargten bonus ya Eve ;)

Evronia said...

la2 ba7ba7eeha shwaia allah ykremek :D :D

Unknown said...

Very nice post .. totally agree with you , i think Dr. Moustafa is one of the best examples from which we can learn about time management.

Unknown said...

Dr. Moustafa is one of the BEST 'teachers' I have seen in ALL my life.

Thanks Dr Moustafa for the CHANGE!
Thanks Evronia for the great post.

Ahmad Fathy

Evronia said...

thx a lot Marwan and Ahmad, glad you liked it :)

Unknown said...

The blog post was forwarded to me by Eng. Amr.

Thanks all for your nice words that I don't deserve, especially Evronia who started it.

If there is anything I should comment on, it is that each one of you should try hard to make a change, and all of you can.

Thanks all again!

P.S. Five bonus marks Evronia :-). Just kidding.

Evronia said...

Hii Doctor Moustafa..!!
I am so glad and happy with your comment really.. It's an honor to my blog :) And of course you deserve it all !
I was going to forward you this post after we've commented on it, but Engineer Amr told me he did, that's why I didn't mail it to you.. But anyhow.. I was hoping for more than 5 marks :) lol

You're welcome doctor and thanks again to you ..